Please follow the below step-by-step instruction to mount the monitor arc to the crib:

  • Carefully insert the cord hanging from the monitor arc in the hole on the top rail.

  • Push the cam lock bolts B attached to the monitor arc into the holes on the top rail.

  • To attach the male and female USB ends when the top cord is shorter, gently pull the bottom cord a little to increase its length. (Tip: Connect the USB cords, ensuring the arrows are aligned in order to make a proper connection) 

  • To accommodate any extra cord, fold it into an 'S' shape to fit it within the cavity. (Tip: Use your hands to tuck it in gently)

  • Slide the longer tube of the monitor cable cover, top first, into the top rail. (Tip: Slightly bend it and press to fit into the gap. Please ensure it fits snugly)

  • Check if the monitor arc is attached properly.