The Cradlewise app connects you with your crib and helps you monitor your baby through a live feed, add a caregiver, control the bounce settings, add and curate white/pink/brown noise for your baby, among many other things. 


To connect your crib with the Cradlewise app, download the app from App Store (for iOS) or Google Play (for android), and follow these steps:



Set up your profile:

  1. Get started by ‘Sign up with email’ > Enter your details (Name, Email) > Create Password > Continue

  2. Check your email > Click on ‘Verify Email.’ Your registration will be confirmed. Now you will be taken to the login screen on the app. 

  3. Log in > Enter your email and password.


Your account has been set up!


Set up your baby’s profile:

  1. Enter your baby’s name > Gender > Due date and birthdate (you can also skip the birth date). Keep tapping ‘Continue’ for the next screen.

  2. Add your relation to your baby—Mother, Father, or Guardian > Continue.


Congratulations! Your baby’s profile has been set up in the Cradlewise app.


Pair your Cradlewise with the app: 

  1. Allow Cradlewise to access your location.

  2. Connect your phone with the Wi-Fi that you want your crib to connect to.

  3. Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth. To pair your crib with the app via Bluetooth, listen to the code on the crib.

  4. Enter the code on your phone > Pair Crib.

  5. Enter your Wi-Fi password > Continue.

Your crib is now paired with the app.

Calibrate your crib:

Calibration helps improve audio and video monitoring. Your crib needs to calibrate to its new environment for the best monitoring experience.

  1. To calibrate your crib, go to Settings > Crib > Calibration. While calibrating the crib, ensure that your baby is not in the crib and the room is quiet, all your media devices and phones are on mute.

  2. Confirm the bed position/height (Bassinet/Crib). Follow the on-screen instructions to calibrate your crib.

Typically, the calibration process takes 2 to 3 minutes. You may receive a notification from time to time to recalibrate the crib. Go to Settings > Crib > Calibration > Follow onscreen instructions to recalibrate the crib.


Congratulations! Your crib is now connected to the Cradlewise app.