Watch the step-by-step guide to assemble your crib. It typically takes 30-45 minutes for assembly.



  • To assemble the crib, place the crib base on the floor. You’ll need two people to lift the crib base out of the box.



  • Attach the first slat to the crib base using Screws C.

  • Rotate the Allen key to tighten the screws. (Don’t add any dowels to the slat with the attached wire.)

  • 6 wooden dowels A (two each) will go in the remaining three slats. (Tip: Start with the fixed slat that has the zipper and attach the 2 cam lock bolts into place into the top rail.)

  • Press the top rail so that it slides into all of the post slats.

  • Place the cam lock nut F in while keeping its open end facing up. You’ll hear a click when it’s placed correctly.

  • Lock it using the screwdriver.


  • Carefully insert the cord hanging from the monitor arc in the hole on the top rail.

  • Push the cam lock bolts B attached to the monitor arc into the holes on the top rail.

  • To attach the male and female USB ends when the top cord is shorter, gently pull the bottom cord a little to increase its length. (Tip: Connect the USB cords, ensuring the arrows are aligned in order to make a proper connection) 

  • To accommodate any extra cord, fold it into an 'S' shape to fit it within the cavity. (Tip: Use your hands to tuck it in gently.)

  • Slide the longer tube of the monitor cable cover, top first, into the top rail. (Tip: Slightly bend it and press to fit into the gap. Please ensure it fits snugly.)

  • Check if the monitor arc is attached properly.


  • Unfold the crib mesh and place it inside the crib. Align the zip ends and attach them.

  • Zip the mesh around the entire crib and fold the edges over the Velcro.

  • Press the mesh tensioner all the way to the bottom so that there are no creases. That way, the crib mesh becomes taut before screwing it into the crib base.


  • Place the mattress in if you want to use Cradlewise in the crib mode.

  • Press the mattress equally on four sides to ensure that it's completely flat. [If you need it in crib mode, you can stop here. Otherwise, please continue to proceed with bassinet how-to instructions.]



  • Reminder: To help prevent falls, do not use this product in the bassinet position when the infant begins to push up on hands and knees or has reached 18 lbs (whichever comes first).

  • Use the steel bracket to screw it into the bassinet legs of the bassinet support table. 

  • Use screws E for assembling the bassinet support table. Tighten all the screws well.

  • There is a seam on the bassinet mesh. Both seams need to be aligned when attaching the bassinet mesh.

  • Press the mattress down from all sides to ensure the safety of your baby.

Woohoo! You're all set for your baby to start sleeping in Cradlewise.