When you start using the Cradlewise Smart Crib from birth, it only takes a few days to begin to see the benefits. If your baby starts sleeping in Cradlewise around 6-8 weeks, it can take a little longer to adjust, usually up to a week. For babies 1 month and older who are transitioning from a previously established sleep routine find success after two weeks.

Any change in a baby’s sleep routine can be an adjustment, but small changes can get them back on track. Here are some tips that you can follow to help your baby sleep better in Cradlewise.

  • Ensure your baby is snuggly swaddled with their arms at their side (if your baby has not yet rolled over). 
  • Give your baby a few minutes to self soothe. Self soothing is a skill that babies can start learning early on that lead to a solid sleep foundation. Your Cradlewise will automatically shut off and notify you if your baby needs you.
  • Turn up the white noise. While you're allowing them to self soothe, turn up the white noise to meet the same volume as their cries. 
  • Give a little comfort. Place your hand gently on your baby's chest. The comfort of your touch, as well as the light pressure can help calm
  • Increase feedings. A full tummy can help ensure longer stretches of sleep.