Choose auto mode to enable Cradlewise to automatically soothe your baby to sleep.

In the auto mode, the crib will automatically start/stop bouncing when the baby starts moving or goes to sleep. The crib will automatically stop bouncing after a maximum of 30 mins. It also automatically plays/pauses the sounds your baby likes to go to sleep to. 


You can further tune the auto mode settings to meet your specific needs:

  1. Choose your preferred bounce profile. The bounce profile determines how much and how long the crib will bounce – from a minimum of 20 minutes for ‘Low’ to a maximum of 30 minutes for ‘High’.

  2. Choose the crib’s sensitivity to baby movements. This determines how quickly the crib will respond to sleep disturbances – from a minimum of ‘Low’ for slowest response to a maximum of ‘High’ for quickest response.

  3. If you want to disable bounce completely, go to Settings > Crib > Bounce > Disable bounce completely.

  4. If you want to cap the bounce to the minimum, turn on ‘Super gentle bounce’. 

In ‘Super gentle bounce,’ the crib has minimum bounce. The bounce amplitude will not go higher than the minimum in this setting, even after the baby stirs/wakes up.

Go to Settings > Crib > Bounce > Turn ‘Super gentle bounce’ on.

  1. If you want the bounce to go beyond 30 min, turn on ‘Always on bounce’. 

In 'Always on bounce', the crib will bounce with the set amplitude for set bounce duration, after which, instead of turning off, it will keep bouncing with the minimum amplitude. The crib will resume its original bounce if the baby stirs/wakes up. Go to Settings > Crib > Bounce > Turn ‘Always on bounce’ on.

  1. You can turn off sound once your baby goes to sleep. To enable this, tap the music icon on the home screen > Pause the music.


If you would instead like to finely control the crib, choose manual mode. Details on manual mode here.