While your smart crib is most effective in auto mode, we know that you might want to take complete control of how the crib behaves and fine tune the movement to your baby's preferences. When the crib is in manual mode, all the smart features are turned off. 

You can choose to toggle between auto and manual mode for both bounce and sound.

For bounce in manual mode, you can:

  1. Turn bounce on & off from the Home screen.

  2. Set bounce intensity to a specific level.

  3. Set the bounce duration through the Cradlewise app from Settings > Crib > Bounce > Manual mode > Bounce duration (five to 30 minutes).

For sound in manual mode, you can: 

  1. Play/pause sound from the Home screen.

  2. Choose your own sleep track. 

  3. Set sound volume to a specific level.

To see more on what you can do in the auto mode, click here.