The Cradlewise app allows you to use white noise along with pink and brown noise to help your baby sleep better. You can choose white noise and layer it with the sound of heartbeat and breathing to customize your baby’s sleep track.

We already have a pre-curated white noise based track called ‘Sensitive Sleeper’. You can play this white noise sleep track for your baby.


If you want to adjust the volume of an existing white noise track, tap on the music icon on the home screen, and adjust the volume according to your preference.

To play and pause the music, tap on the music icon on the home screen > tap ‘Play’ or ‘Pause’. 


To create your own white noise track, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Sleep Tracks > Add new track 

  2. Choose white noise

  3. You can layer it with the sound of “Light Rain”, “Heavy Rain”, “Wave”, or “Wind”

  4. Adjust the volume of the track

  5. Name your track so you can access it later > Save.