Cradlewise is equipped with a camera (that also has night vision) and is fitted with microphones. This helps in monitoring both the audio and video 24/7. The field of view of the camera is restricted to the crib. 

In the home screen of the Cradlewise app, single tap on the area of the screen where the video streaming is being shown. This will show a pop-up with 3 options:

1) Video only: 

  • Provides you with a live video feed of your baby, during both day and night (when in both the bassinet and crib modes).

  • This is the default setting. Killing and relaunching the app, or logging out and logging back in, will set it back to “Video only.”

2) Audio only:

  • There will be a black screen in place of the video.

  • The crib’s ambient sounds will be relayed.

3) Both:

  • The live video and audio feed will be relayed together.